Douglas Bloch, M.A. | Affirmations That Heal: Affirmations for Personal Growth and TransformationWelcome to the website Words That Heal: Affirmations for Personal Growth and Transformation. The purpose of this website is to communicate information about the healing power of affirmations and positive self-talk. Over the past forty years I have used affirmations to help myself and others to manifest what we want and to heal old, outmoded beliefs. Now I would like to share this powerful technique with you, so that you can apply it your life and to the lives of those you love.

Douglas Bloch, M.A.

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Here is where you can find daily affirmations that will support you in your healing and transformation.

  • Best Affirmations for Finding Your Purpose - How can you go about finding your purpose? Everyone has a dream. Everyone has a purpose or mission, something specific he is called to do. You are on this earth for a reason. Although you can temporarily hide from yourself, you can never lose your connection to your purpose. It is always with you, beckoning […]
  • Best Affirmations for Following Your Heart - Consider the following story of misplaced priorities. While hiking in the wilderness, I met a man whose T-shirt carried the following message: “He who dies with the most toys, wins.” As I pondered those words, I was sure that the author meant the opposite of what he said. No one on his death bed ever […]
  • Best Affirmations for Anger Management - One important application of affirmations is using affirmations for anger management. When anger is not felt and expressed in a healthy way, it gets inappropriately directed towards others resulting in aggressive behavior, or it is turned inward resulting in wimpy behavior. Fortunately, there is an alternative–being assertive. When you are assertive, you state your feelings, […]

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What are Affirmations
and How Do They Work?


An Affirmation is a positive thought or idea that you consciously focus on in order to produce a desired result. The affirmation is a simple yet powerful tool that can heal and transform your most deeply held beliefs.

Affirmations are based upon the following principles:

1. Your outer reality is a direct reflection of your predominant thoughts and beliefs.

2. Change your thoughts and you change your reality.

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How to Create a Healing
Affirmation for Yourself


Creating affirmations to heal your life is a simple and enjoyable process. What follows is a method that I have found to be quite effective.

The topic of your affirmation can involve a

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The Power of Positive Talk

The Power of Positive Talk by Douglas Bloch

Did you know that 75% of the messages that children receive before the age of seven are NEGATIVE? Fortunately, any caring parent or caregiver can turn this around by teaching children positive affirmations.

Affirmations empower children to direct and control their inner self-talk, which in turn build high self-esteem and self-confidence.

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