Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work

Why Affirmations Don’t Always “Work”

Although the principles behind affirmations are universally true, those who practice affirmations often experience mixed results. Here are some obstacles that can block the effectiveness of a good affirmation.

1) The affirmation is not sufficiently repeated. Remember, repetition is the mother of learning. Any new thought pattern must be repeated many times before it becomes a mental habit.

2) The affirmation is not specific enough. When a friend at a workshop affirmed “I want more money,” the trainer gave him twenty-five cents. The universe will respond in a similar manner unless you are specific and concrete about what you want.

3) The affirmation lacks a strong feeling element. A nonchalant approach will not work here. Your affirmation needs to be charged with feeling and intention.

4) You don’t really believe the affirmation to be true. In other words, a part of you holds a thought that directly counters the affirmation. Almost everyone who uses affirmations faces this inner resistance. The more healing the affirmation, the stronger the resistance that comes up. As you will see by clicking on the link below, learning to deal with this negative self-talk is essential if you wish to successfully use affirmations in your daily life. Continue reading … “Using Affirmations to Transform Negative Beliefs.”

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