Best Affirmations for Finding Your Purpose

Tulip fieldHow can you go about finding your purpose? Everyone has a dream. Everyone has a purpose or mission, something specific he is called to do. You are on this earth for a reason. Although you can temporarily hide from yourself, you can never lose your connection to your purpose. It is always with you, beckoning to be uncovered. You just need to listen and let it speak to you.  

When you do decide to follow your dream, be prepared for resistance. The old beliefs and messages from the past that say it cannot be done will come rushing to the surface. How will you respond to these voices of fear and doubt? Will you  allow them  to immobilize you? Or will you tell them who is in charge and move forward in spite of your fears?

Despite the objections of everyone around her, Augusta pursued her dream of becoming an Olympic track athlete. At first a series of disappointing performances seemed to confirm the predictions of her family and friends. But then she won a race. The improvement continued until a number of first-place finishes gave her a spot on the Olympic team.

No matter what the obstacles, choose to be true to  your purpose and let it guide and direct your way. Your destiny is beckoning you. It is time to heed the call.


 1. I am aligned with my higher purpose. 

 2. I am in touch with my destiny.

 3. I hear my inner voice and heed the call.

 4. I am living a life of purpose and passion.

 5. I follow my dreams and make them reality.

 6. Create your own 

Words To Consider

“The reasonable man encounters circumstances and adapts himself to them.
The unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt circumstances to himself.
All progress depends upon the unreasonable man.”

George Bernard Shaw

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