Best Affirmation for a Broken Heart

Years ago someone  asked me for the best affirmation for a broken heart. My response was. “A broken heart is an open heart.”

There is no pain quite like that of a broken heart. The experience of loss in love wounds us like no other. In the midst of our pain, we cry out, wishing there were something to take the hurt away. But there is nothing. There is no cure for a broken heart except for that universal healer, time.

If there no cure for a broken heart, neither is there a guaranteed way to avoid having one. The more you risk, the more people you grow to love, the more you are going to lose. And yet, whenever your heart is broken, you receive a blessing —your broken heart becomes an open heart.

When we experience sadness and grief, something unexpected emerges. When we allow ourselves to be broken, a gentle transformation takes place. In the midst of the pain, we feel a softness and vulnerability that are truly beautiful. We become more accepting and open. Judgment and criticism are replaced by a compassion for others and an acceptance of life the way it is.

Think back to a time when your heart was broken. Remember what it was like to feel sadness and grief. Remember also, how your heart was opened. If you did not experience this opening then, see if you can allow it to happen now. By keeping your heart open and allowing it to experience both joy and pain, you will fulfill your highest destiny as a human being. Here are some affirmations that will help.

1. I open myself to love. 

 2. I am willing to risk myself in love. 

3. My vulnerability is my strength.

4. I open myself to loving and supportive relationships.

5. A broken heart is an open heart; when my heart breaks, I become more loving.

Words to Consider

Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Best Affirmation Managing Your Time

With all of the information and choices available  in the modern age, many of us experience time scarcity. It feels as if we can’t accomplish all that we would like to accomplish. Here is an affirmation that I use that reduces my anxiety about time and assures me that I will do what needs to get done:

” I always have enough time to do the things that spirit would have me do.”

Overcoming Fear and Worry-Best Affirmations

Someone recently asked me for the best affirmations for overcoming fear and worry. All fears and worries come down to a single fear: the fear of not being able to cope. If people knew that that they could successfully cope or deal with any future situation, they would have little to fear. Therefore, the ideal affirmation to respond to this concern is: “I can handle it.”

Another affirmation that describes this faith in one’s ability to cope is, “I have the ability to create support for myself in my life.” In my book Words That Heal, I list these and other helpful affirmations that can foster your faith in your ability to cope with whatever comes your way.

Another way to deal with fear and worry is through cognitive-behavioral therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a psychotherapy that helps you to alter anxious self-talk and mistaken beliefs that give the body anxiety-producing messages. For example, saying to yourself, “What if I have an anxiety attack when I’m driving home?” will make it more likely that an attack will ensue. Overcoming negative self-talk involves creating positive counterstatements such as “I can feel anxious and still drive,” or “I can handle it.” What often underlies our negative self-talk is a set of negative beliefs about ourselves and the world. Examples of such mistaken beliefs are, “I am powerless,” “Life is dangerous,” and “It’s not okay to show my feelings.” Replacing these beliefs with empowering truths can help to heal the roots of anxiety 

Finally, I recommend monitoring diet and nutrition. Stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine can aggravate anxiety and leave one more prone to anxiety and panic attacks. Other dietary factors such as sugar, certain food additives and food sensitivities can make some people feel anxious. Seeing a nutritionally oriented physician or therapist may help you to identify and eliminate possible offending substances from your diet. He or she can also help you to research supplements and herbs (e.g., GABA, kava, B vitamins, chamomile and valerian teas) that are known to calm the nervous system.



Use Affirmations to Start the Day on A Positive Note

I like using affirmations  to start the day on a positive note. What you are exposed to in your first waking moments has a profound impact your state of mind for the rest of the day.  This is because during the transition from sleeping to waking consciousness, we are in a “hypnagogic state”–a state of high suggestibility where the subconscious mind is wide open to suggestions. Therefore, whatever enters the mind at this time makes a deep impression, similar to the footprint left when someone steps on wet cement. 

Therefore, when you first arise, turn your thoughts to something that uplifts and inspires you. You may wish to say a positive affirmation, offer up a prayer, read an inspirational passage, or read your vision statement of wellness, Whatever positive spiritual food you feed yourself set the tone for the rest of the day.

Here is one that I like to use, which was made famous by Charles Filmore, the founder of the Unity Movement:

“I spring forth with a mighty faith to do all that is to be done by me today.” 


An Affirmation for Prosperity

Here is today’s affirmation for prosperity:

“Divine Love always has, Divine Love always will, supply my every need.”

This affirmation was originally stated by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Science movement. I like to use it whenever thoughts of lack enter my mind. Repeating this affirmation helps to dispel those fears, because it reminds me that even in difficult times, I have never been without. Therefore, my supply is like to continue into the future.

Best Affirmations for Abundance


God is my instant, constant and abundant source of supply. Thank you sprit!

Look out to the natural world that surrounds you—the bountiful earth, the vast oceans, the expansive sky, the infinity of stars. You live in an abundant universe.

Where does this abundance come from? It comes from the creative power that formed the universe—from God, Infinite intelligence, Divine spirit. The awareness of this Infinite intelligence as it exists within you, is the key to experiencing abundance in your personal life. Since your connection to this Source is unlimited, your potential supply is also unlimited.

The main factor that limits your supply is how much you think you deserve. A lack of prosperity in your life merely reflects your limiting beliefs about what is possible. Open yourself to the abundance that is rightfully yours.

Perhaps you believe in a world of scarcity—that there is only so much to go around. “If I have more, others will have less,” you think. But the physical world manifests from creative thought, and since creative thought is limitless, so is the potential supply—for you and for everyone else.

The pleasures of the physical world are yours to enjoy, as long as you don’t make them your master. Place your spiritual development as your first priority, and whatever you need to complete the journey will come to you.


1. I believe in God as the Source of my infinite supply, which manifests through my life as abundance and prosperity on all levels.

 2. God in me is my unlimited and overflowing supply of every kind of good.

 3. I have more than I need, and so I share with my world.

 4. My prosperity contributes to the prosperity and well being of others.

5. The universe provides for my every want and need.

Prosperity Quotation

The only thing you will take through those pearly gates is what you’ve given away.

Marcia Moore


Growth Through Pain

One of the most important spiritual lessons I have learned is growth through pain. While the fruits of the spiritual life are joy, love, peace, and harmony, one must also face tests and challenges, and overcome inner and outer temptations. How else can we develop our spiritual muscles unless we have to use them? As you have no doubt heard it repeated, no pain, no gain.

Pain is a marvelous feedback mechanism provided by the universe. Pain tells you that something is out of balance in your life, and that you must make the necessary changes to restore that balance.

Pain also helps you to develop a closer relationship with God. They say in Alcoholics Anonymous that one has to hit rock bottom before he or she is ready be helped. It is the same for you. In times of despair, when you realize that your own efforts can no longer sustain you, you become open to asking for help from that higher power. And it is in these moments that you can hear the inner voice responding, “I am here to help.”

Now think back to the times in your life that were the most painful, the most difficult. Recall those moments when you suffered or lost the most. Consider what you learned from these occurrences; evaluate the growth that you experienced. Are you not a more compassionate, wise and understanding person as a result of what you went through? 

Compare this to a time when all was going well, when your feelings of pain were at a minimum. Which of the experiences produced the greater growth and transformation in your life?

Invariably it will be the “painful situation” that has truly blessed you, that has opened your heart and made you a more loving human being. 


 1. I thank the universe for providing me with opportunities to grow and to transform. 

2. A broken heart is an open heart: my heart has been opened by my pain.

3. I am a stronger and wiser person because of my tests and challenges.

 4. Better the pain, than to remain the same.

 5. I see all problems as disguised opportunities


Words to Consider

The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live
is an exact measure of the height to which you can aspire to reach.

Laurence Van der Post