Affirmation applications

The Best Affirmation Managing Your Time

With all of the information and choices available  in the modern age, many of us experience time scarcity. It feels as if we can’t accomplish all that we would like to accomplish. Here is an affirmation that I use that reduces my anxiety about time and assures me that I will do what needs to get done:

” I always have enough time to do the things that spirit would have me do.”

Use Affirmations to Start the Day on A Positive Note

I like using affirmations  to start the day on a positive note. What you are exposed to in your first waking moments has a profound impact your state of mind for the rest of the day.  This is because during the transition from sleeping to waking consciousness, we are in a “hypnagogic state”–a state of high suggestibility where the subconscious mind is wide open to suggestions. Therefore, whatever enters the mind at this time makes a deep impression, similar to the footprint left when someone steps on wet cement. 

Therefore, when you first arise, turn your thoughts to something that uplifts and inspires you. You may wish to say a positive affirmation, offer up a prayer, read an inspirational passage, or read your vision statement of wellness, Whatever positive spiritual food you feed yourself set the tone for the rest of the day.

Here is one that I like to use, which was made famous by Charles Filmore, the founder of the Unity Movement:

“I spring forth with a mighty faith to do all that is to be done by me today.”