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When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

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One of my favorite affirmations is “When one door closes, another door opens.” I love this affirmation so much, thatI used it as the title for my first meditation in the book Words That Heal. Here is the meditation in it’s entirety, along with the healing affirmations that accompany it.

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When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

When one door closes, another door opens. Patience, perseverance and persistence.

There comes a time along the spiritual journey when something we cherish must come to an end. Perhaps a meaningful relationship is terminated. Perhaps some opportunity we sought suddenly becomes unavailable. Whatever the circumstances, we feel shut out from a good that we desired.

When this occurs, do not despair, for the Infinite has not forgotten you. You have experienced loss for one reason and one reason only—so that you may receive an even greater good.

Nature abhors a vacuum. What is true in the physical world has its parallel in the spiritual world. You can’t release something without gaining something in return. The universe longs to fill your void, replacing sadness with joy, loss with gain, death with rebirth.

What then is your task when a door is closed before you? First, release your attachment to the way it was, or the way you wished it to be. Your Higher self has prepared a far greater gift for you. Then affirm to yourself, “When one door closes another door opens. I expectantly look forward to the good that awaits me.”

Be patient, for it will come in the twinkling of an eye.


1. I release the past and eagerly look toward the good that awaits me.

2. I release my prior expectations and eagerly look toward the good that awaits me.

3. I have faith that I will be guided to my next step.

4. Although I grieve for what I lost, I have faith that a greater good lies before me.

5. A new door in my life stands open before me.

6. Your own

Words To Consider

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

Psalm 126.5

An Affirmation For Getting Through a Depressive Episode

 I am writing to share an affirmation for getting through a depressive episode that was a lifesaver for me. Years ago I was experiencing a hellish episode of agitated depression. My pain was not only unbearable, it felt like it was never going to end. Just when I was about to give up, I remembered an affirmation that someone had given me, “When going to hell, don’t stop!”


   What does this mean? It means, that because nothing lasts forever, if you keep persevering, eventually something will shift and you can emerge from the dark night of the soul. So, if you find yourself going through the valley of the shadow of death, remember–you don’t have to pitch your tent there. If you keep moving forward, one day at a time, and ask for help, you will come out the other side. I can’t tell you how the resurrection will happen, but I can assure you that it will. Remember, the darkest hour is always just before the dawn.

    When at last I emerged from my hell of depression in the fall of 1997, I decided to write a memoir about how I survived. And the title that came to me, is When Going Through Hell .. Don’t Stop! The book is a survival guide for anyone, not just for those who are depressed, but for anyone who finds himself in unbearable pain that appears to have no end. If you or a loved one could use the support that this book brings, you can can take a look at a copy by clicking below. 


  In the meantime, I leave you with these words taken from the the book’s last page:


If you are on the edge of the abyss, don’t jump. 
If you are going through hell, don’t stop. 
As long as you are breathing, there is hope. 
As long as day follows night, there is hope. 
Nothing stays the same forever.  
Set an intention to heal, 
reach out for support,
and you will find help.

    I wish you the best in your mental health recovery and I hope that you will consider exploring the book, When Going Through Hell .. Don’t Stop! If you would like to watch You Tube video in which I talk about my experience, please click on the above image.

                        Douglas Bloch


Best affirmations for overcoming hopelessness

As part of my affirmations heal blog, I am now  posting weekly mediations and affirmations that will help you to use the power of affirmations to change your thinking, and therefore transform your life. This week’s affirmation topic is overcoming hopelessness using the affirmation “This Too Shall Pass.”


According to an ancient tale, a Sufi village was attacked and captured by a group of warriors. The king of the victorious tribe called the Sufi leaders and said that unless they fulfilled his wish, the entire village would be put to death the following morning . The king’s wish was to know the secret of what would make him happy when he was sad, and sad when he was happy.

The village people constructed a large bonfire, and all night long their wise men and women strove to answer the riddle: what could make a person happy when he is sad, and sad when he is happy? Finally, sunrise came and the king entered the village. Approaching the wise ones he asked, “Have you fulfilled my request?” “Yes!” they replied. The king was delighted. “Well, show me your gift.” One of the wise men then reached into a pouch and presented the King with a gold ring. The king was perplexed. “I have no need of more gold,” he exclaimed. “How can this ring make me happy when I am sad, and sad when I am happy?” Then the king looked again and this time saw an inscription. It read “This Too Shall Pass”.

So it is in your life. When everything is going according to plan, savor those precious moments and realize that in the due course of time they will be a distant memory. And, when the night is darkest and you can’t imagine things ever improving, remember that nothing in the physical world lasts forever. 

In this way, you will learn to accept both the good and bad times equally, understanding that all of life’s teachings are necessary for your spiritual growth. With this realization, you will be like the great saint who proclaimed, “One to me is Loss and Gain, one to me is Pleasure and Pain, one to me is Fame and Shame.”


1. Rather seek pleasure and avoid pain, I accept both as having equal benefit. 

2. What goes up must come down. 

3. What goes down must come up.

4. There is absolutely nothing that time and love cannot heal.

5. My old pains no longer hurt me. They have become a distant memory.

 6. Create your own 

Words To Consider
Remember, no human condition is ever permanent;
then you will not be overjoyed in good fortune nor too sorrowful in misfortune.


Best Affirmations for Overcoming Despair

People often ask me, “What are the best affirmations for overcoming despair?” In this post, I will be sharing two affirmations that I have found to be helpful. As you may know, the journey to higher awareness is not a direct flight. Challenges, struggles and tests confront the traveler along the way. And eventually, no matter who you are or how far you have come along the path, you must eventually experience your “dark night of the soul.” 

If you are facing such a period , let this affirmation console you: 

What Goes Down Must Come Up  

There can be no death without rebirth.

Every ending is followed by a beginning.

The experience of hell is a precursor to the glory of heaven.

The ancient Phoenix bird was consumed in its own ashes only to rise again. Christ was crucified only to be resurrected. The process of death and rebirth is universal. Your case is no exception. 

Here is a second affirmation you can use to respond to  feelings of despair 


This affirmation is potent, because it taps into a universal truth–nothing lasts forever. The only constant is change. Or, as the Buddhists put it, we live in a world of impermanence. Thus, if your feelings of despair are be so great that you feel you can no longer continue, the prescription is simple; hang in there! Be patient. Soon you will find a way to rise out of your ashes and spread your wings like a soaring eagle. The joy that awaits you is far greater than the pain you are experiencing. 

Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle!

Best Affirmation for a Broken Heart

Years ago someone  asked me for the best affirmation for a broken heart. My response was. “A broken heart is an open heart.”

There is no pain quite like that of a broken heart. The experience of loss in love wounds us like no other. In the midst of our pain, we cry out, wishing there were something to take the hurt away. But there is nothing. There is no cure for a broken heart except for that universal healer, time.

If there no cure for a broken heart, neither is there a guaranteed way to avoid having one. The more you risk, the more people you grow to love, the more you are going to lose. And yet, whenever your heart is broken, you receive a blessing —your broken heart becomes an open heart.

When we experience sadness and grief, something unexpected emerges. When we allow ourselves to be broken, a gentle transformation takes place. In the midst of the pain, we feel a softness and vulnerability that are truly beautiful. We become more accepting and open. Judgment and criticism are replaced by a compassion for others and an acceptance of life the way it is.

Think back to a time when your heart was broken. Remember what it was like to feel sadness and grief. Remember also, how your heart was opened. If you did not experience this opening then, see if you can allow it to happen now. By keeping your heart open and allowing it to experience both joy and pain, you will fulfill your highest destiny as a human being. Here are some affirmations that will help.

1. I open myself to love. 

 2. I am willing to risk myself in love. 

3. My vulnerability is my strength.

4. I open myself to loving and supportive relationships.

5. A broken heart is an open heart; when my heart breaks, I become more loving.

Words to Consider

Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Growth Through Pain

One of the most important spiritual lessons I have learned is growth through pain. While the fruits of the spiritual life are joy, love, peace, and harmony, one must also face tests and challenges, and overcome inner and outer temptations. How else can we develop our spiritual muscles unless we have to use them? As you have no doubt heard it repeated, no pain, no gain.

Pain is a marvelous feedback mechanism provided by the universe. Pain tells you that something is out of balance in your life, and that you must make the necessary changes to restore that balance.

Pain also helps you to develop a closer relationship with God. They say in Alcoholics Anonymous that one has to hit rock bottom before he or she is ready be helped. It is the same for you. In times of despair, when you realize that your own efforts can no longer sustain you, you become open to asking for help from that higher power. And it is in these moments that you can hear the inner voice responding, “I am here to help.”

Now think back to the times in your life that were the most painful, the most difficult. Recall those moments when you suffered or lost the most. Consider what you learned from these occurrences; evaluate the growth that you experienced. Are you not a more compassionate, wise and understanding person as a result of what you went through? 

Compare this to a time when all was going well, when your feelings of pain were at a minimum. Which of the experiences produced the greater growth and transformation in your life?

Invariably it will be the “painful situation” that has truly blessed you, that has opened your heart and made you a more loving human being. 


 1. I thank the universe for providing me with opportunities to grow and to transform. 

2. A broken heart is an open heart: my heart has been opened by my pain.

3. I am a stronger and wiser person because of my tests and challenges.

 4. Better the pain, than to remain the same.

 5. I see all problems as disguised opportunities


Words to Consider

The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live
is an exact measure of the height to which you can aspire to reach.

Laurence Van der Post