Growing Through Pain

Best Affirmation for a Broken Heart

Years ago someone  asked me for the best affirmation for a broken heart. My response was. “A broken heart is an open heart.”

There is no pain quite like that of a broken heart. The experience of loss in love wounds us like no other. In the midst of our pain, we cry out, wishing there were something to take the hurt away. But there is nothing. There is no cure for a broken heart except for that universal healer, time.

If there no cure for a broken heart, neither is there a guaranteed way to avoid having one. The more you risk, the more people you grow to love, the more you are going to lose. And yet, whenever your heart is broken, you receive a blessing —your broken heart becomes an open heart.

When we experience sadness and grief, something unexpected emerges. When we allow ourselves to be broken, a gentle transformation takes place. In the midst of the pain, we feel a softness and vulnerability that are truly beautiful. We become more accepting and open. Judgment and criticism are replaced by a compassion for others and an acceptance of life the way it is.

Think back to a time when your heart was broken. Remember what it was like to feel sadness and grief. Remember also, how your heart was opened. If you did not experience this opening then, see if you can allow it to happen now. By keeping your heart open and allowing it to experience both joy and pain, you will fulfill your highest destiny as a human being. Here are some affirmations that will help.

1. I open myself to love. 

 2. I am willing to risk myself in love. 

3. My vulnerability is my strength.

4. I open myself to loving and supportive relationships.

5. A broken heart is an open heart; when my heart breaks, I become more loving.

Words to Consider

Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson