How to make Your Affirmation Powerful and Effective

How to Make Your Affirmations Powerful and Effective

Over the years, I have discovered a number of techniques that can reinforce your affirmations to make them more powerful and effective. Here are some of my favorites.

• Use rhyme. Words that rhyme seem to make a more powerful impression on the subconscious mind than blank verse. This principle is illustrated in the following story. A man suffering from a physical illness received a healing affirmation from his minister. Soon his condition improved. “I guess that affirmation did the trick,” the minister said when he heard the news. “Well, to tell you the truth,” the man replied, “I lost your affirmation the day after you gave it to me.” “How then, did you heal yourself so quickly?”
asked his puzzled friend. The man responded, “Since I couldn’t remember your affirmation, I simply told myself, ‘Oh hell, I’m well.’” Other rhyming affirmations include, “I play for pay,” “I will Thy will” and “I feel fine when I’m on time.” Experiment and create your own.

• Sing the affirmations to yourself once you have created a rhyme. The great Indian poet Tagore said, “God respects me when I pray, but he loves me when I sing.”

• Place written copies of your affirmations on walls, the car dashboard, the refrigerator—anywhere that will make them visible. One woman sticks her affirmations to the bathroom mirror so that she sees them each morning and evening. strong>• Make a cassette tape of your affirmation using your own voice. You can play the tape as you fall asleep, upon awakening, or throughout the day.

• State your affirmation while you look at yourself in the mirror. This is a very powerful way of making contact with yourself.

• Incorporate creative visualization with your affirmations. See yourself experiencing the good that you desire in the present moment. Another application of this principle is to make a “treasure map”—a collage of pictures and words that creates a visual presentation of the good you are seeking. Human beings have many different ways of perceiving. Thus, when you say, see, and feel your affirmation, your mental perceptions are powerfully combined to produce the optimum result.

• Give thanks, before or after your affirmation. This is based upon the principle, whatever you appreciate grows
and expands. The affirmation “I am healthy and prosperous” becomes even more powerful when stated as “I give thanks for my health and prosperity.” See if you can feel the difference.

• Create an affirmation notebook or journal in which you can record your affirmations and keep track of your progress over time. These techniques have been tested over time by friends and students. I encourage you to incorporate them with your own affirmations.

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