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Best Affirmations for Quitting Smoking

One area that I would like to share with you has to do with affirmations for quitting smoking. I have worked with a number of smokers in the affirmations workshops I have taught.The simplest and most powerful nonsmoking affirmation is simply, “I am a nonsmoker.” But the real power of it comes with using the affirmation to uncover those unconscious beliefs that are keeping the person smoking.

In the page on this website called, Using Affirmations to Uncover Negative Beliefs, ” I introduced a two-column method that one can use to uncover any unconscious beliefs that may be blocking the expression of the affirmation. An aspiring professional golfer used this method to create an affirmation to heal her smoking habit. This is what occurred as she wrote down the affirmation and listened for the response

Conscious Mind:

I am a nonsmoker.

I am a nonsmoker.


I am a nonsmoker

I am a nonsmoker.

What Comes Up:

I’ll gain wait.

It’s one of the few pleasures I still have left.

It’s too hard to stop,

Smoking is an excusing that prevents me from giving 100% to life.

At this point, the woman bolted upright and exclaimed, “Where did that come from?!” Suddenly she realized that the real issue was not her smoking, but her fear of functioning at full capacity. To get to the root of that fear, she created a new affirmation, “I am now giving 100% to life.” This is what followed.

Conscious Mind:

I am now giving 100% to life.

I am now giving 100% to life.

I am now giving 100% to life..

What Comes Up:

I’m afraid I’ll fall short.

I’m not good enough.

Nothing I ever do is right.

When she finished, I asked her if she had ever been criticized as a child. “Everything I did was put down. I was never right.” she replied.  Here then, was the problem. Her fear of criticism and disapproval was the true cause of her lack of participation in life. Smoking was merely a symptom.

The significance of this type of breakthrough cannot be overstated.  Like peeling the layers of an onion, the affirmation-dialogue process allows one to go deeper and deeper  until the core of the problem is at last revealed.

I encourage you to use the affirmation-dialogue process  to  bring your most deeply held assumptions about life to the light of day where they can be transmuted into new beliefs. Here are some  nonsmoking affirmations you can use with this technique.

I am a nonsmoker.

I have successfully quit smoking.

My lungs are strong and vibrant.

I am breathing freely and deeply.

I love running (cycling, swimming, hiking, etc. Use any aerobic activity).

I am able to release old habits.

Every day, in every way,  I am  adopting new healthy habits.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

I am now living a smoke-free life.

I enjoy living a smoke-free life.