Best affirmations for overcoming hopelessness

As part of my affirmations heal blog, I am now  posting weekly mediations and affirmations that will help you to use the power of affirmations to change your thinking, and therefore transform your life. This week’s affirmation topic is overcoming hopelessness using the affirmation “This Too Shall Pass.”


According to an ancient tale, a Sufi village was attacked and captured by a group of warriors. The king of the victorious tribe called the Sufi leaders and said that unless they fulfilled his wish, the entire village would be put to death the following morning . The king’s wish was to know the secret of what would make him happy when he was sad, and sad when he was happy.

The village people constructed a large bonfire, and all night long their wise men and women strove to answer the riddle: what could make a person happy when he is sad, and sad when he is happy? Finally, sunrise came and the king entered the village. Approaching the wise ones he asked, “Have you fulfilled my request?” “Yes!” they replied. The king was delighted. “Well, show me your gift.” One of the wise men then reached into a pouch and presented the King with a gold ring. The king was perplexed. “I have no need of more gold,” he exclaimed. “How can this ring make me happy when I am sad, and sad when I am happy?” Then the king looked again and this time saw an inscription. It read “This Too Shall Pass”.

So it is in your life. When everything is going according to plan, savor those precious moments and realize that in the due course of time they will be a distant memory. And, when the night is darkest and you can’t imagine things ever improving, remember that nothing in the physical world lasts forever. 

In this way, you will learn to accept both the good and bad times equally, understanding that all of life’s teachings are necessary for your spiritual growth. With this realization, you will be like the great saint who proclaimed, “One to me is Loss and Gain, one to me is Pleasure and Pain, one to me is Fame and Shame.”


1. Rather seek pleasure and avoid pain, I accept both as having equal benefit. 

2. What goes up must come down. 

3. What goes down must come up.

4. There is absolutely nothing that time and love cannot heal.

5. My old pains no longer hurt me. They have become a distant memory.

 6. Create your own 

Words To Consider
Remember, no human condition is ever permanent;
then you will not be overjoyed in good fortune nor too sorrowful in misfortune.


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